Monday, March 4, 2013

Unit Studies and Lapbooks general information

I've been using unit studies and lapbooks for 4 years now.  This post is also to record some of the useful sites I use that for some reason I can't pin to my boards on Pinterest.

In doing a country lapbook I use:
     enter in their search bar the country you are doing or animals in that area or physical attributes (such as coral reefs with Australia) (then click on World book in the right hand column and enter your country)    MAPS
     the kids love to set it on satellite and then get in as close as possible... ok so its a little creeper-ish but it is fun.

I also use that countries official website.      has crafts for all ages

I use a lot of Magic Tree House books and The Magic School Bus books...and videos too :)
     quite often you can find accompanying curriculum at
     (I have a link to them at the bottom of my page  - if you enter through that link I can get discounts on my purchases)

I will also use many movies and cartoons that are kids friendly that are set in the country we're studying.

If you have a AAA membership, they are awesome about getting me the maps and country books I need :)  is great for calculating distances and finding out what time it is in the country you are studying.

I also use to "book" pretend flights to find out how long it will take to fly there.

Good Luck and Happy Exploring