Wednesday, August 17, 2011

what I hope to use this year...

My "curriculum" list for this school year is going to look something like this... I hope : ) 

For Everyone-
     Mystery of History, volume 3
     Truth and Grace - scripture memory work

For Esther, Isaac & Sarah-
     Apologia's "Exploring Creation with Astronomy"

For Caleb (9th grade specifically)-
     Saxon's Algebra 1/2 and 1 (he's determined to get "caught up")
     Apologia's Biology

For Esther -
    Saxon's 7/6 math

For Caleb & Esther-
     Lively Latin
     Phys. Ed.  (various team sports and work-outs at the YMCA)
          Spelling Power
          Roots on the Vine
          Daily Grammar
          "Elements of Literature" lapbook
          "A Peek at Poetry"  lapbook
          Shakespeare's "A MidSummer's Night Dream"
          Research paper process
            probably have them each pick a Biome to research - want to deal with
            facts not opinions at this point
          4 book reports on books of their choosing.
     "Reformation" unit lapbook - correlates with Mystery of History
     "Mary, Queen of Scots" lapbook - correlates with Mystery of History

For Isaac & Sarah
     The Arithmetic Primer then Saxon's Math 2 when ready
     Dinosaur unit study
     various animal lapbooks  - hedgehogs, penquins, polarbears
     Copywork from Scripture, AAMilne, Aesop, RLStevenson, Mother Goose etc.
     Reading skills
          using resources such as "Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons",
          Scholastics phonics readers,  
          the "Bob" books and Step 1-2 and Level 1-2 books  
     Reading (by me to them)
          "Redwall", "The Hobbit",  "Arabian Nights", stories from C.S. Lewis,
          Hans Christian Andersen and
          other classic fairy tales (not Disney - nothing against Disney, just want
          them to know about the
          originals that Disney "modifies")
     Literature lapbooks - Flat Stanly, The Horse and His Boy, A Fish Out of Water, etc...
     Journal writing (and coloring /dictating)
     Spelling Power - in January for Isaac

I'll have to check back at the end of the year and see how we did.

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