Monday, September 12, 2011

wedding frenzy

We are at the 12 day mark until Josh and Amy's wedding.  I am in the midst of sewing dresses this week.  Last week I finished my part in getting their apartment renovated, although I am sure a few plumbing items are going to pop up before its all said and done....

So, what about homeschool?  It's been going on at a slower pace.  Essie has helped me out by guiding the little ones through their lessons.  Caleb has had a few "instructional" lessons at Home Depot with me.   I'm sorry but I love Home Depot, I love the smell of lumber and WD-40!!  :)   (Thanks Dad!)

Next week will be exciting and crazy and everything else that goes into a wedding....SO, if any of you happen to think of us, say a prayer!   I'll get back to homeschooling in full swing and blogging in October.

Til then, enjoy and breathe...

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